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MAJOR BOX® is Canada's leading manufacturer of custom set-up boxes and rigid boxes. We are a significant supplier to firms in the United States and Internationally.

Since 1835  we have introduced or incorporated thousands of innovations and changes in product design, production technologies and materials. But the goal of our expert craftspeople has remained the same; to deliver the best solutions to your packaging requirements at very competitive prices.

We also manufacture jewellery boxes, slipcases, award & collector boxes, book binders and point-of-purchase displays. We make set-up boxes for cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, presentations, jewellery, medical apparatus, confections and a myriad of manufactured products.

Please explore these pages. They are a sampling of the marketing power of our custom boxes and packaging. Let us inspire you to select MAJOR BOX INC. for your next set-up boxes and packaging projects. 


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MAJOR BOX ® brings its wealth of imagination, ingenuity and creativity to each and every rigid box with seamless quality.

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Every job we take on is a custom project, with our creative efforts and manufacturing expertise tailored to packaging your specific products.

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