Why You Should Choose MAJOR BOX ®

MAJOR BOX ® was founded in 1835 as the Canada Paper Box Factory. In 1884 the company name changed to Major Paper Box Wire Works and, subsequently, was shortened to Major Box Inc.

By using set-up boxes to package your products, you are enhancing the worth and perceived market value of the products.   Where suitable, we use new, recycled or recyclable materials.  Our components are environmentally sensitive, culturally accurate and enhance your corporate identity.

Custom Manufacturing

MAJOR BOX® has an extensive knowledge of point-of-purchase merchandise and presentation items.  We can recommend the most appropriate concepts, designs and materials for your custom packaging in order to enhance, through package design and manufacturing excellence, the value of your product.

Many projects begin with a sketch or a verbal description by our clients.  We combine our knowledge of the "art of the possible" with your ideas, product knowledge and customer awareness to produce truly unique and vibrant boxes.

Each and every order is considered a custom project.  We ensure that the final product meets your specific packaging needs.

Superior Graphics

Unlike many other forms of packaging, rigid boxes can be decorated with a spectrum of coverings and colours.  These range from plain white paper without embellishment ... to wraps that have been printed in process colours, embossed, leaf-stamped and UV coated.

It's a vibrant universe of optics, colours and textures for your initial product presentation and beyond.

Product Protection

Our rigid boxes can be designed and completed with plastic or paperboard inserts, plastic sleeves or custom foam inserts.

These firmly secure and protect delicate products during shipping and guarantee precision presentation layouts.

Many of our boxes become a secondary gift in themselves carrying your corporate message way past its point-of-purchase usage.