Setup Box Terminology

MAJOR BOX ®   has created this page to help you to better understand and then tell us about your project.    It contains a quick review of the language used in setup box manufacturing. Many of these features and finishes are displayed within the pages of our site.

" Set-up "  or " Rigid " Box

a chipboard paper box of rigid construction formed or "set-up" and ready to be used. It has a base and lid and is usually wrapped with a paper 


the lower part of a set-up box

blind embossing

a logo, image etc. which is stamped without ink or metallic leaf.  This leaves a base-relief effect.


a complete set that includes both a base and a lid


the thickness of the paper that is shown in mils (thousandths of an inch)


a metallic closure with joint used to securely close a lid or lid flap to a base

embossed finish

a texture applied to paper or thin board by way of pressing material between metal dies to create relief.

flap lid

a flat lid attached to a box.  It has no sides or ends


the method and/or joint used to attach a lid to a base

hot stamp & foil

an imprinting method in which metal or pigmented foils are applied to a sheet with a heated metal die or plate


any construction of board, vacform etc. placed or attached into a box to hold a product in place


a plain or printed die-cut paper or board affixed to a box.  These are used to enhance or identify the contents

lid or cover

the top portion of a set-up box

loose wrapping

the process of covering a lid with a paper wrap so that only the edges of  the wrap receive the adhesive

poly bag

clear plastic bag used to pack and/or protect the finished product

printed paper

a paper or other suitable wrap material (book cloth, vinyl etc.) with custom printing, logos etc. 

slide box

a box in which the lid is in the form of a shell into which the base is inserted at the side or the end


a case into which a product such as a book or a binder is inserted


material used for securing and reinforcing the corners of a base, lid or tray

stock paper

paper that is readily available in various colors, designs and embossing patterns

telescope box

a box in which the lid fits totally over the base which results in a full telescope

tight wrapping

the process of covering a lid with a paper wrap so the entire back of the wrap receives the adhesive

turn in

that part of the wrap which ends on the inside of the lid


material which is glued to the base or lid of a set-up box.  These wraps can be a stock paper, book cloth or printed wrap